Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Break Time!

Happy Holidays all! Remember this time last year when we took a break from posting monthly photo prompts and new flash? Well, we'll be doing it again this year. With November being NaNoWriMo month (are you participating?), end-of-year deadlines, and the holidays coming into full swing we need a break.

But that doesn't mean there'll be no writing and it certainly doesn't mean there'll be no posts. We'll be doing more recommendations (or reviews) on Fridays this month and will be re-posting past favorites in December. And then in the official New Year there'll be a new picture prompt.

So hope you have a great holiday season and that the end of the year is productive for you. And even if 2013 isn't going how you had expected or hoped that 2014 will more than make up for it.

Happy writing, reading, and eating!


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