We'd love to hear from you! Questions and comments are welcome.

For the fifth week of each month, we invite you to submit an original thousand word (or less) story inspired by our chosen picture. We will pick one to post on the blog!

There are no rules or boundaries other than these:
  • You must follow this blog.
  • It must be rated PG (no extreme cursing or explicit sexual content. There can be kissing. We like that.)

  • It must be geared towards young adults or middle graders.
  • Please paste your story into the body of the email to the email address above. We will not open any attachments. AND add any author info you want posted with your story such as website/blog info. and your name.

All stories must be submitted no later than the third Thursday of the month. The four of us will review all submissions and as long as they abide by the guidelines above, we will post all submissions received on the last day of each month.


If you are a photographer/artist and would like us to use your work for our stories, send it to us in the body of an email. (It MUST be an original photo, drawing, or painting by YOU) We cannot guarantee that it will be used, but we are always looking for inspiration!**


If there are multiple submissions, we reserve the right to post them over a series of days either before or after the last day of the month. If one of our Fridays happen to fall on the last day of the month, all submissions will be posted a day or two after ours.

We can't wait to read your stories!