Who Are We?

Amy Christine Parker

Over the years Amy has been, among other things, a doll maker, a fondue waitress, a fifth grade teacher, and a stay at home mom. Now she writes contemporary young adult novels full time when she isn’t tackling the Mount Everest of laundry piles and refereeing smack downs between her two very lively daughters. Her writing leans toward contemporary at it’s core, but always includes a dystopian or paranormal twist. She is represented by Lucienne Diver with The Knight Agency. Her book, GATED, debuted with Random House in August 2013. GATED's sequel, ASTRAY, will release on August 26, 2014.

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Krystalyn Drown

Krystalyn has spent the past 13 years working at Disney as everything from Aladdin's harem girl to talent coordinator to spider expert. And this is in additon to being a full time mom. Her YA novels tend toward the paranormal or sci-fi side of things while her short stories lean toward comtemporary or speculative. Her books, LEGASEA debuted in 2013 with Curiosity Quills, and SPIRIT WORLD debuted on April 15, 2013 with Entranced Publishing. Her middle grade novel TRACY TAM: SANTA COMMAND will publish with Month9Books in October 2014. 

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Stefanie Marks

After chasing "sensible" careers and changing her college major six times, Stefanie finally put her foot down and decided to focus on what has alway been her passion: being a writer. She now balances her writing between being a college senior and a bank teller. Her novels are about the things people wish were true: magic, mystical creatures, and other worlds. And kissing. There's always kissing. 

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Jennifer Baker

A native New Yorker, Jenn Baker has been writing since she entered the academic institution and continues to do so every moment she gets. Jenn's writing tends to focus on relationships, how they grow and how they define us. Her writing ranges from short fiction to young adult but is character centric at its core. She is steadily working on a linked story collection about race & family as well as a young adult speculative thriller series with a diverse cast.

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