Friday, May 2, 2014

So We Wait

by: Krystalyn

We see you, but you only see part of us. An elbow. An ear. A motionless piece of our existence. The only bit that bleeds through from our dimension to yours.

We watch you, occupying the planet as if you are the sole reason it exists. You use the word eternity with careless abandon. We know what the word really means. It is an eternity to sit here and wait.

For what? you ask.

For our turn, we say.

You may wonder how we can be so patient.

The answer to that is simple. We are not patient. We are restless. 

But there are rules, and we must follow them.

1. Observe. You humans flounce about from day to day, oblivious to the race that shares your planet, just one short dimension away. We watch you for the required amount of time.

2. Remember. The plan is flawless, but we must remember it. It is written into a song we have known our entire lives. We sing it every hour of every day. On stormy nights, you should almost be able to hear our voices carried on the wind. You won't understand the words, and you'll convince yourself you heard a frog or an owl. But in the black hollow of the night, you'll know you were wrong.

3. Evaluate. Once we are free from our dimension, we will swarm the planet. Before that can happen, we must calculate how many of you there are and how long it will take to complete our mission. If we act too soon, we could lose. 

We will not lose.

4. Consume. It mean what you think it means. Many of you wander out to our waiting place. Many of you do not return.

Don't be so shocked. We require nourishment just as you do.

5. Escape. When we are strong enough, we will break free of our dimension. To you, it will seem as if the sky is shattering, busting into fragments and ruining your brief stab at eternity. In reality, the sky is an illusion, an idea invented by humans because you can't comprehend that you are seeing into other dimensions. You won't understand us either. You will pretend we are a tree or a hill. You will not look into our faces. You will ignore us while you try to figure out why the sky is broken. You will focus on the wrong thing.

You won't know what happened. 

And then you will be gone.

It's a simple plan really, but it requires much time. For us to succeed, we must exist among you for generations. It must appear as if we have always been here. We must be so ingrained into your minds as one thing that you will not notice us becoming another.

Yes, we are restless. We long to stretch and run and feel the sun warm our bodies.

But we know the plan. If we don't follow the plan, we will lose.

We will not lose.

So we wait.


Story by: Krystalyn

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