Thursday, August 1, 2013


It's here, it's here!! GATED's birthday month is officially here! I can't quite believe it, but I am over the moon excited. In honor of GATED's release into the wild I've got a giant book giveaway for you guys. I wanted to do something special and I thought what better way to celebrate my book's release than to celebrate other fellow Random House authors too? So I have collected eight recently released or about to release Random House books for you (along with some signed bookmarks)! One lucky winner will get the lot! And a few others will win signed bookmarks from Elsie Chapman, Gina Linko, and Tessa Gratton!!

The books:

1 signed hardcover of GATED filled with personalized comments from me about the writing process and inspirations for scenes.

A hardcover of THE TRAGEDY PAPER by Elizabeth LaBan
A hardcover of DUALED by Elsie Chapman
A hardcover of SCOWLER by Daniel Kraus
A hardcover of THE LOST SUN by Tessa Gratton
A hardcover of THE DARK BETWEEN by Sonia Gensler (It's the cover printed on white paper because it doesn't come out for a few more weeks)
A hardcover of BELLE EPOQUE by Elizabeth Ross
A hardcover of FLUTTER by Gina Linko

There is enough awesome reading here to keep you busy all fall! Unfortunately due to the size of this giveaway the main prize is limited to the USA and Canada, but you can still be considered for bookmarks if you are international and I promise there are other GATED giveaways coming that will be international so if you're not following me on Twitter ( @amychristinepar ), now would be a good time to start.

The contest will run from August 1 through the 23rd. There are several ways to enter and the only restriction is that your entry will not count if you create a Twitter account for the sole purpose of entering this contest. Enter as many times as you like.

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Good Luck!


  1. Whoops. Only read after I'd entered a few times that it was USA and CA only! :S

    Can't wait for the international ones though!

    Sarah xx

    1. No problem, you can still win signed bookmarks from several of the authors and me:-) Keep your eyes on my twitter for international GATED giveaways. I think there might be two...

  2. aww I just saw that it's not international too :(

    1. Sorry! But we do have international giveaways, so keep updated with us.

  3. I read one of your most recent posts and let me tell you...magic sure as heck exists at the beach. When I was in Italy I went to a beach in Venice. I brought three shells home, the only three solid big ones I found and they're all different shapes. I had the best luck after bringing those shells home and then I gave them away to a friend who collects shells. My lucks been down in the dumps now.... lol

  4. Ah! This is an AWESOME giveaway. I want to read ALL OF THEM SO BADLY. SO SO BADLY. "crosses fingers" "hopes"