Friday, June 22, 2012

Flash Fiction Chain Story


There weren't any reader submissions this week for today's story so how about if we do something just for fun? We were thinking it might be interesting to do a flash fiction chain story. Basically if you're here reading this and want to participate, we'll be creating a story in the comments. I'll post the first line in the first comment and then if you're up for the challenge, you put a line, a few lines, or a small paragraph in the comments that builds on my line. There are no guidelines other than our basic request to keep things PG 13ish. Our picture prompt will be  this month's inspiration picture, the one below, but veer into something totally different if you feel like it. Go creative, wacky, funny, scary, strange. The sky's the limit here. Take a break from your regular manuscript and all of the pressure you feel to make it agent-worthy and have a little fun! I know that all three of us are dying to see what you come up with!

On a side note: Don't forget that our very first giveaway ends next week. The winners will be anounced on next Friday's post! If you haven't entered, please follow this link to see what we're giving away and enter today.


  1. I never meant for my temper to get the best of me. I'd brought the flowers with me as a peace offering, I swear.

  2. But as I gazed into his eyes, I realized there was nothing peaceful about what was about to happen.

  3. His mouth was moving, but the heat coursing through my veins and throbbing in my ears covered anything he might have said. I tried to stop myself by focusing on the freckle to the left of his mouth, the same freckle I had once brushed with my thumb before kissing him.

  4. I squeezed the bouquet of flowers in my left palm, ignoring the pain as a thorn from one of the roses bit into my pinkie. My other hand trembled with the rush of adrenaline that coursed through my heart as I tried to convince myself that I didn't need his love.

  5. It was then that I heard what he'd been saying. His words seeping into the air and me absorbing them, just like my shirt sucked up the blood trickling down my arm.

    "So, you're leaving because you HAVE to, not because you WANT to?" The reasoning seemed absurd. Worse then absurd, just plain wrong.