Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Submissions Deadline Is Looming

Calling all writers! This Friday marks our very first submissions deadline for flash fiction inspired by the photo for this month.

We can't wait to read your work, so don't wait until the last minute to submit! We will post what we feel is the strongest piece of flash fiction that we receive and highlight the writer responsible. AND to further sweeten the deal, we are throwing in a giveaway since this is the very first open submission for Fiction Femme Fatale! The chosen writer will receive a copy of this very awesome book by Veronica Roth:

Just follow the guidelines below and get your entry into us no later than this Friday. We will accept entries right up until midnight that night. Our hope is that this site not only showcases our experiments with flash fiction, but yours as well. So don't delay! Send us your stories today. (I'm even rhyming now in an attempt to get you motivated!)

For the fourth week of each month, we invite you to submit an original thousand word (or less) story inspired by our chosen picture. We will pick one to post on the blog!

    There are no rules or boundaries other than these:

    • It must be rated PG (no extreme cursing or explicit sexual content. There can be kissing. We like that.)


    • You must follow this blog.

    • It must be geared towards young adults or middle graders.

    • Please paste your story into the body of the email to the email address above. We will not open any attachments.

    • All stories must be submitted no later than the third Friday of the month. The three of us will review all submissions and come to a collective decision. If we pick your story, we will notify you by email the following Wednesday and your story will post that Friday.


    1. Awesome deal! A cool prompt AND Insurgent. Crazy...awesome! Can't wait to read the next post on Friday!

    2. Thanks, Jenn! I am working on it today!

    3. love this and the photo is breathtaking! i'm in need of a distration-hope to get mine done by the deadline... if not will check back :)